Atlas Global Energy Solutions installs the best, most-energy efficient, most durable solar products from the finest manufacturers in the world.

Our panels carry a 25-year guarantee,
often outlasting the roof itself.


At Atlas Global Energy Solutions quality is the foundation of every project. From our Solar Systems to our construction/development projects, quality is the #1 driver of all of our designs. Minimum industry standards are never the basis for anything we do! We make sure our clients fully understand the reasoning behind all our systems and material choices so they can make informed decisions.

Solar Installer in Dallas Ft. Worth

Architecture, Construction, Renewable Energy, all under one roof. No matter what your specific project is, we have everyone on staff to handle all aspects of your project. From permitting, to engineering, to inter-discipline coordination, to problem-solving issues that crop up in the field, all are coordinated smoothly since we are all under the same roof! We strive to provide our clients with all the services that are needed to complete their projects.

One-Stop Shop

Net Zero Knowledge

We pride ourselves on our breadth of knowledge of all aspects of your project that pertain to energy use and energy efficiency. We expend a great amount of effort to stay up to date on all the best technologies and how to best apply them to meet our goal of a Net-Zero project. We never stop learning, so we can teach you!


Financial Efficiency

How much to spend on energy efficiency is a very important topic in any new construction project today. We use our broad experience base to help guide you through the process of attaining a cost-effective Net-Zero construction project. Our knowledge and experience with Solar PV systems helps considerably!

Marketing Advantages

Studies have shown that customer/clients are becoming more inclined to do business with companies that take sustainability seriously. Having visible solar energy production as part of your building design can attract more interest from prospective clients.

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